What are we?


We are not a common film manufacturer, and we do not sell a wide and varied range of products. We only propose solutions based on active protection surfaces.


The film is not our product, the product is our know-how. Our knowledge in the chemistry of materials and their formulations allows us to guarantee maximum efficiency permanently and at contained costs.


Our company is young, but our experience is long. There is no aspect of polymer chemistry or its applications that we do not know about.

Complete range of solutions

Our differential fact is our specialization, which allows us to anticipate market needs and develop specific formulations and formats for each possible need.


Our products and formulations have been tested and certified in external laboratories. We do not say that our products work. They say independent laboratories.


Only starting from a commitment to the highest quality, can we ensure maximum protection. We have no doubts.


Who are we?

The history of a company is the history of its people. Supersum Protection is a new company, but with a solid and proven technical knowledge behind it. We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals with extensive accumulated experience in all areas of the polymer industry: from R&D, development of materials and applications, to production, marketing, and commercialization.

But a company is more. And Supersum Protection, in addition to its people, is the fruit of its creativity and the expression of its concerns.