Supersum Protection® surfaces are made of a film of multilayer structure made of high-performance polyolefins with a total thickness of only 50 microns.

The surfaces have excellent mechanical tear properties, high transparency, and very good adaptability to any surface.

The antimicrobial protection technology based on the action of metal cations guarantees effectiveness against a very broad spectrum of pathogens, including gram + and gram- bacteria, molds, microorganisms, and viruses.
The acrylic-based adhesive systems used have been studied to be used in practically any situation. They can be easily positioned, can be removed without heat treatment, and do not leave traces on the support material.

The Supersum Protection® family of films comprises a complete range of versions and formats that adapt to the needs and sectors of the market.

In case there is interest in developing a particular type or format of surface, please contact our commercial department and we will be happy to assist you.


Supersum Protection® ZAC films are recommended for use in most environments and surfaces. They can be used in situations where contact with food is sporadic and discontinuous.

Antimicrobial technology based on a synergistic combination of silver, zinc, and copper metal cations, with an effect enhanced by the special polymeric composition of the film. It acts on a wide spectrum of microorganisms, including those most commonly present in human coexistence, as well as proven effectiveness in deactivating the viral load of RNA viruses, such as coronavirus.

It comes in various application formats, from 20cm wide tapes to 1m wide coils.



Supersum Protection® AG surfaces are specifically recommended for use in work environments where continuous contact with food is required, complying with EPA and FDA regulations.

Antimicrobial technology is based on the action of Silver cations, proven effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria and molds, such as E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria or Campylobacter. Like the rest of the Supersum Protection surfaces, the antimicrobial action is enhanced by the special structure of the support film.

It comes in 20cm tapes and 80cm wide coils. Other possible formats on request.


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Unique in the market, Supersum Protection® ZACFR films have been specially developed for installation in public areas, where legislation regulates the use of materials with flame resistance characteristics.

The antimicrobial technology is based on Silver, Zinc and Copper cations, enhanced to act with maximum efficiency on microorganisms and viruses in environments of special risk like sanitary.

The fire resistance of the surface complies with European classificatications DIN4102 B1, NF P 92-504 M1 and Euroclass Bs1d1, provided that the surface is applied on a support of equal or higher classification.

It comes in 1m wide coils. Other possible formats on request.


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Supersum Protection® Identification Seal

ASupersum Protection® film is not distinguished by its appearance or in its application from any other untreated film. Once installed, it is hardly visible, getting used to going unnoticed. The antimicrobial agents present are not perceptible by color or texture, nor do they emit any odor or any characteristic that makes them perceptible.

As an identifying measure of the protection of the application surface, during the installation process a warranty label is attached, which is positioned on the substrate to be protected and under the film, so that it is protected by it and prevents it from being removed. inadvertently..

The identification label is the guarantee that the substrate, and the environment in which the Supersum Protection surfaces are used, are properly sanitized.

The label contains, among other information, a QR code that directs the reader device to all relevant technical information and product certifications.