Everything you need to know
about Supersum Protection®
What is Supersum Protection®

Supersum Protection® are self-adhesive transparent films with active and permanent antimicrobial and virucidal protection.

Is Supersum Protection® antimicrobial technology safe??

Totally. The composition of the Supersum Protection® film is completely safe for humans. It only acts against pathogens. It does not affect human cells, nor is it sensitizing or irritating to the skin on contact.

How long do Supersum Protection® films last?

The antimicrobial effect is permanent 24/7, 24h a day, 7 days a week. There is no loss of activity due to migration or deactivation of active components. The only limitation to the life of Supersum Protection® films is the possible destruction of the film by vandalism or poor maintenance.

How long does it take for Supersum Protection® films to act?

The effect is not immediate like using cleaning chemicals. But although the chemicals act instantly, their protection ceases to take place the moment the cleaning is complete.
In contrast, the antimicrobial disinfection of Supersum Protection® films may take a few minutes to start to take effect, being able to exceed 99% disinfection in just 2 hours. In addition, its effect is permanent 24/7, guaranteeing better hygiene at the end.

Is Supersum Protection® approved for use in contact with food?

There is a specific range of products approved for use in continuous contact with food. Even so, the rest of the surfaces can be used without problems if the contact with the food is not permanent.

Is it difficult to install?

Installation is simple, the characteristics of the film make it very flexible and extensible, adapting without problems to most surfaces. It is advisable to follow the instructions in the installation guide, properly cleaning and drying the surfaces to be protected, and using a felt scraper to ensure correct adhesion and elimination of bubbles that may form.

Supersum Protection® films can substitute other protection measures?

In a normal situation, Supersum Protection® films alone could guarantee proper hygiene. In the current health emergency, a single containment measure cannot guarantee a bubble of protection. Only a combination of different measures, passive and active, can minimize the risks of contagion. And in this sense, Supersum Protection® films are an extremely convenient complement, acting actively and continuously.

How effective is Supersum Protection® antimicrobial technology?

Supersum Protection® films have been tested in certified external laboratories against a broad spectrum of gram + and gram- bacteria, against mold, algae, and microbes. They have been tested positively against viruses such as H1N1.

Against which microorganisms is Supersum Protection® effective?

Supersum Protection® antimicrobial technology has been tested against a wide spectrum of pathogens, including gram+, gram- bacteria, molds, algae, and viruses, including most of the microorganisms present in the usual human coexistence environments such as E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria or Campylobacter.
In no case has an absence of response to any pathogen tested been observed.

Can the use of Supersum Protection® films guarantee the absence of cross contamination in an environment?

Supersum Protection® films should be considered as a complement to other protection measures, by themselves they do not guarantee an aseptic environment. By their very nature and mechanism of action, they only act on pathogens that are deposited on their surface, but never at a distance on the environment or surfaces with which they are not in contact.

How should Supersum Protection® films be cleaned?

A soft cloth, soap and water are enough. Abrasive elements that could scratch or destroy the film with which it is made must be avoided.

Does the use of Supersum Protection® technology avoid having to clean surfaces?

It is recommended and in fact necessary to clean it, to guarantee its maximum effectiveness. Dirt such as grease or dust deposited on the surface can interfere with the direct contact of pathogens with the active surface, preventing it from deactivating them.

What makes Supersum Protection® different from other current containment measures?

Some hygiene measures such as chemical sanitization are instantaneous but have a very limited duration in time. Others like physical protection barriers are permanent but do not disinfect. The use of gloves does not guarantee that if they touch a contaminated surface, they will not spread pathogens. Masks, except those expressly designed to prevent spread, protect the user, but not the environment.

Unlike all these measures, Supersum Protection® films act actively and continuously, disinfecting application surfaces 24/7, 24h a day, 7d a week. Guaranteeing that, in any situation, the contact surface will be permanently sanitized.

How can you know if a surface is protected by Supersum Protection®?

During the installation of Supersum Protection® films, a quality label is incorporated detailing that the surface is protected, also providing other information of interest.