Active protection

Up to 99.99% of microorganisms and viruses reduction.



24h a day, 7d a week.
No lose effectiveness over time.


Washable, recyclable

Produced with 100% recyclable materials. They do not release chemical substances into the environment.


Adaptable to any surface

Easy to install on any surface.

Great technology
in just 50 microns thick

Supersum Protection® films are made of non-toxic materials. They do not contain chlorine, nor phthalates, nor plasticizers, nor any type of volatile or harmful chemicals for humans.

A technology that combines optimal effectiveness and duration, minimizing the collateral effects of the use of chemical components.


Who are we?

The history of a company is the history of its people. Supersum Protectionis a new company, but with a solid and proven technical knowledge behind it. We are a multidisciplinary group of professionals with extensive accumulated experience in all areas of the polymer industry: from R&D, development of materials and applications, to production, marketing and commercialization.
But a company is more.

Supersum Protection,in addition to its people, is the fruit of its creativity and the expression of its concerns.

What are we?


Our knowledge on chemistry of materials and their formulations allows us to guarantee maximum efficiency permanently and at contained costs.


Our products and formulations have been tested and certified in external laboratories.

We do not say that our products work, independent laboratories say so.


Only starting from a commitment to the highest quality can we ensure maximum protection.

We have no doubts.


What do we do?

We are surrounded by microorganisms: bacteria, molds, viruses. In every imaginable environment we can find them: on clothes, on furniture, on walls, in bars and in waiting rooms. The vast majority are safe, but a minority can spread disease.

Recent research has found that, for proper sanitization, disinfectant products should be used every two hours maximum. But, although proper cleaning can reduce the pathogen load to safe limits, two hours is enough time for them to reproduce again, in number to represent a risk again.

Supersum Protection® pself-decontaminating films allow surfaces to be continuously kept clean, ensuring hygienically safe microbial levels.